We’re Live

This is the 2014 champ Crown. Well Crown Roof because I can’t just have crown on espn site. I want to let the Grown Men’s League—and the world I guess—know that Crown Roof will be a force to be reckoned with. While all my fellow league mates are just trying to reach the top of the mountain, I have much higher standards. Former champ: check. Best record in a season: check. Just all around a top notch guy: check. Well I made enough kids must not be all that bad. But my sites are on a trophy, like a man running with anger and a vengeance. A trophy for points leader. A trophy to soon be engraved, well just a cheap little name plate but whatever, with the Crown name. #pointsleader #Crownroof

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  1. Week 1 will soon be forgotten but will it have a lasting impression on this year’s out comes. Are 2 rookies got a win. The east showed life by pulling three wins on the week. Sorry nordiclovegods, it’s tough to play the computer. But the sweet sweet first victory for team Crown Roof will be what should worry all you punks the most. I, team Crown Roof, pulled a top 10 qb off waivers and the jewel Spencer Ware put up the second best rb performance. Yes Spencer Ware also picked up off waivers. 46 fanatsy points off the waivers in week 1. So beautiful. So as you all sit back and think about your week 2 line ups just try to think w.w.j.d.. What would Jeremiah do? None of you will never able to accomplish the things I have layer before you but don’t be afraid to try. I acknowledge that kinda of production will not be sustainable. But when the time comes and your number is called to face I just remember to get the tissues ready. With a strong running back core that is just getting warmed up and a waiver wire full of hopefully wr you’ll never know who will be in my line up, except David Johnson will always be in there even on his bye week! So as I scan the waiver wire and make moves you’ll never know where the strike will come from. When the points keep racking up on team Crown Roof you all will start to question your life’s. You’ll lose sleep and when you do sleep you’ll have nightmares. If I was to change my fantasy name I would be the boogie man. So sweet dreams and bad luck this week you bitches.

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