Welcome to the 2016 Season

Welcome, Grown Men, to the 2016 fantasy football season! We’ve got some changes in store this year which should make the end of the season a little more exciting:

  • The championship bracket has been extended to 6 teams. The top two seeds get first-round byes.
  • Playoff games will only be one week long. One and done. You lose, you go home.
  • Playoffs will occur weeks 14 – 16.
  • In week 17, we’ll have an auction-style, one-week game (think Fanduel or Draft Kings). Everybody v. everybody, most points wins.
  • The winner of the week 17 game will receive the Wild Week trophy. Somebody should look into buying one of those.

We’re looking forward to the changes.

Draft day was held on August 28. It was a subdued event this year, set at the Reluctant Country Club. They begrudgingly opened their meeting room to us and kept one server on staff who, in between grabbing us an occasional drink, cleaned the carpets. Of course, we all felt bad for interrupting his work and apologized profusely, despite reserving the room months ago.  Frankly, we need to up our draft-day game.

Seven of us showed up in person, while three drafted online. Well, really only two drafted online, as one of us (cough coughAdrian cough) couldn’t get his login credentials right and ended up on auto-draft. That’s a lesson, kids: the day before the draft, make sure you can log in.

The top three picks were no surprise: Adrian Peterson, Antonio Brown, and Odell Beckham, Jr. It was also no surprise that Nicole took Gronk in the first, and Jeremiah ended up with 19 running backs on his 16-man roster. What was a surprise? Craig went WR – WR in the first two rounds. Dez Bryant was going to be his first-round pick before Tony Romo went down, and was still sitting there when Craig’s second pick rolled around. He couldn’t help himself.

Our first games are right around the corner, starting Thursday, September 8. Tomorrow, in other words. Justin’s new team, Defending the West, has the highest projected score, 100, while Nick’s team, da Champ, has the lowest at 81. Be sure to set your lineups! (Do I even need to remind you? If I do, you should probably find another league.)

Oh, one quick ground rule about this site: keep the language PG-13. We are visible to the entire world here; let’s show some respect to our audience and to the players whose careers we piggyback.

Best of luck to everyone this season. Let’s make it the best yet!


One thought on “Welcome to the 2016 Season”

  1. I just want it to be know that I love this man Jason that runs the nordiclovegods. Fantasy football has become a true passion of mine and I love fantasy season and it’s has only been enhanced with the group we are assembling….well mostly just jason. Big shout out Jason and I hope you continue pushing us to be better….even when you are last in the west this year. Now to address a very important thing this, pg13 rating. Fantasy football is full of shit talking and very dirty indivuals. So $%^# you all and suck my @%#$ and don’t scream to loud when my team is…..well use your imagination there 😉 that will be my one and only r rated rant sorry. But on a real note I hope all your players catch the plague….wait oops sorry….good luck!!!!

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