League Charter

Grown Men’s Fantasy Football League Constitution

We the People…

…of the Grown Men’s Fantasy Football League, in order to form a more perfect League, establish justice, insure fairness, promote a general code of ethics, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our friends, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Grown Men’s Fantasy Football League.

I. Governing Body
A. The league will be governed by the League Commissioner and Co-Commissioner. The League Commissioner will remain constant and will be commissioned by league co-founder Justin Walter. The League Co-Commissioner title will be determined by which one Franchise Owner advances furthest in the season (up through the playoffs and title game). If that Franchise Owner is the League Commissioner, then the Co-Commissioner title will fall to that season’s runner-up.
B. During the season, the League Commissioner will be responsible to efficiently run the day-to-day operations of the Grown Men’s Fantasy Football League and will be required to interpret the appropriate course of action based on the terms outlined in the leagues Constitution and by ESPN. The Co-Commissioner’s duties are to act in place of the League Commissioner if they are unable to perform their duties and act as decision maker in activities that may prove a conflict of interest to the acting League Commissioner.

II. Franchise Members
A. There will be 10 Franchise Owners for each season, no more, no less. Each owner is allowed to own/co-own and manage only one franchise in any given season and is allowed to have up to 1 co-owner in their franchise.
B. All interested members from the previous season have the right to retain their franchise as long as they have not been banned by the Commissioner/Co-Commissioner. As league spots become available, it is at the ultimate discretion of the League Commissioner/Co-Commissioner to allow for new Franchise Owners, however suggestions for new Franchise Owners from current members is AWAYS appreciated and welcome.

III. League Set-up
A. League Fees
1. The League Entry Fee will be the decided upon annually prior to the reactivation of the league and will be ultimately agreed upon by all of the league members.
2. League Entry Fees will be due upon the arrival by each Franchise Owner to the annual Draft Party. If the Franchise Owner is unable to attend the Draft Party, their entry fee must be paid 2 weeks prior to the Draft Party in order secure their entry into the league.
3. Failure to pay league fees will result in league banning.
B. Each Franchise will have a pre-determined number of roster spots itemized on the ESPN League Settings Page.
C. Scoring will be decided by the Commissioner/Co-Commissioner prior to draft day and itemized on the League Settings Page. Scoring settings CANNOT be changed or altered in any way once Week 1 of the regular season has begun.
D. In the event of a tie: All ties will be broken using Yahoo’s fractional scoring, only after ESPN’s stat corrections have cleared (typically by Thursday afternoon).
E. The Grown Men’s League consists of two (2) five team divisions (the West Division & the East Division). These divisions were pre-determined prior to the 2016 season and will remain the same from year to year and will generally only be re-aligned under extreme circumstances. Franchise Owners cannot be re-assigned to a different division once Week 1 of the regular season has begun. If team is banned from league or no longer desires to participate, new team member will take old team’s division spot.
IV. Draft
A. Draft Process
1. The Grown Men’s League draft will consist of a traditional “snake” draft (a draft where the positions flip flop every round) and the draft order will be randomly pre-determined 1 hour prior to the start of the draft (regulated by ESPN.com).
2. A Franchise Owner reserves the right to participate in the draft live or allow for the CPU (auto draft) to make their picks for them. Draft positioning CANNOT be traded or transferred in any way.
3. During the draft, each Franchise owner must fill their roster with the min/max numbers of players/positions as determined by the League Settings.
4. At the end of each season, all players are re-input into the draft pool to be reselected at random by any Franchise Owner in the following year’s draft. The Grown Men’s League does not recognize Keepers at this time.
V. Post Draft
A. Free Agents and Acquisitions
1. Free Agent acquisitions (add/drop players) may commence immediately upon the completion of the draft based upon the League Settings.
2. There are no limit to the number of Free Agent acquisitions (add/drops) that any individual Franchisee can make throughout the entire season (including the Playoffs).
VI. Trades
A. Trades cannot begin until the conclusion of Week 1 of the season and can commence in any quantity until the trading deadline as outlined in the League Settings.
B. Each franchise owner has the right to oppose any trade if they believe it to be unfair. The ultimate determination to uphold/decline a trade will be determined by majority league vote.
C. The trade review period will be set to two (2) days (48 hours) based upon the acceptance of the trade by the included parties. Trades can only be “pushed through” upon a league majority vote where each Franchise Owner must email or text in their compliance directly to the League Commissioner or to the league text thread.
D. A trade can only be considered “accepted” upon final submission and acceptance of the trade through the ESPN.com website. No “pre-agreed” upon trades will be considered valid until submitted and accepted by both parties through the ESPN.com system.

VII. Regular Season
A. Season Schedule
1. The season schedule will be generated automatically by ESPN.com based on the divisions, although this may be modified by the League Commissioner (PRIOR TO THE DRAFT ONLY), as the ESPN.com automatic schedule generator has proven to not always generate schedules based upon our Division criteria.
2. Each team will face their division opponents twice and their non-division opponents once throughout the regular season.
3. All line-up changes MUST be completed prior to the beginning of each individual player’s/position’s scheduled match-up. Failure to do so will result in an empty position spot for the week and the Franchisee will be awarded 0 points for that roster position for that week. A Franchisee may choose to keep an open roster spot and not play a position player for any given week at their discretion, however the decision to do so may subject that Owner to “review” by the League to determine if any element of collusion exists.
4. The regular season will end after the completion of week 13.

VIII. Playoffs
A. The Playoff format will be voted upon by the League prior to the start of the season.
B. Championship Contenders
1. The contenders to compete for the League Title will be selected automatically by ESPN, based on playoff system selected.
a. In the event of a tie, tie-breakers for overall seeding will be determined by ESPN as follows:
1.) Division Record
2.) Head to Head
3.) Total Points Scored
4.) Outer Divisional Record
5.) Coin Flip

IX. Awards
A. There are three (3) main awards that will be distributed to Franchise Owners following the season (at the End of the Year “Awards Ceremony”):
1. League Champion – The Championship Trophy
2. High Scoring Champion (Regular Season) – The Points Leader Trophy
3. Last Place (Playoffs Consolation Games) – The “Sacko” Trophy
X. Amendments
A. All amendments proposed by Franchise Owners must be submitted prior to the draft to be considered for ratification.
B. All amendments proposed during the season will be reviewed at the end of the current season and not be made applicable to the current season.
C. All amendments to the Grown Men’s Constitution will be named according to the league member who caused or identified the problem.

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